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Minecraft Launcher 1.17.1/1.16.5 works as the login and downloader front end to the stand-alone version of Minecraft: Java Edition client. It is available for macOS, Linux and Windows.

The launcher downloads the main  Java packages, including minecraft.jar directory, which holds the resources and codes  and resources of Minecraft such as textures and LWJGL.

What about Minecraft Launcher?

minecraft launcher skins

It also acts like a basic copy-restriction making the user to login to an account when the user runs the game for the first time.

The launcher can run all previous released versions of the Java edition of Java, as well as most Beta versions, and some Classic, Indev, Infdev and Alpha versions. This launcher doesn’t include all the versions of the game.

minecraft versions

On February 24, 2020, in launcher version 2.1.1230x was added, a new place for the game Minecraft Dungeons was added and you could even sign up for the beta.

This is the first occasion that a Minecraft Launcher adds another game than Minecraft itself.

Minecraft Launcher Features

minecraft loading

  • Manage multiple profiles (stored in “launcher_profiles.json”). Each profile can control:

Game version. Includes previous releases and outdated development builds.

It also add Older and custom versions that can also be added manually.

  • Mojang account used to play the game.
  • Command line arguments for Java.
  • Game directory.
  • Edit profile pictures.
  • The launcher doesn’t store the password locally. Instead of this, it uses a ‘refresh token’
  • The launcher supports multiple instances
  • Automatic updates for launcher
  • Ability to update libraries, such as LWJGL
  • Offline mode. The first time launch it will require internet connection to download the necessary resources
  • This mod can be found in more than39 languages available ( On the December 2019)
  • Crashes can be also reported to Mojang platform.
  • Crashes are indexed through a database for information on how to fix the issue
  • Switching accounts or logging off
  • Changing skins
  • Downloads servers on versions
  • Help button
  • It displays the information of the launcher version when the user clicks this feature.

Minecraft Launcher 1.16.4 Installation

minecraft launcher 1.16

When the player opens the launcher for the first time, it will create a profile that selects the latest version of Minecraft: Java Edition, this  cannot be removed.

By the way, the player may create a profile for the game in the Minecraft launcher. In order to do so, they have to click on the “Installations” button, and then click “New…” to create one.

After this, the player can customize their names. If the player leaves it empty, it is named “<unnamed installation>”.

Then, optionally, the player can select a custom profile picture or a default profile picture from the launcher. By the way, it must be a 128×128 .png picture.

After that, the player can select the version they wish to play, and click “Create” to confirm their profile.

The player can download server versions if they click the “Server” button.

If the player wants to resize the game, they can turn “Resolution” on to change the game window size or turn it back to fullscreen.

The player can toggle on “More options” to display some profile options.

In case that the player wants to change the .minecraft file path, they can toggle on the option that shows the game directory.

Now, navigate to the folder where the player wants to relocate the .minecraft folder. The player can also open the Minecraft profile by clicking the green arrow-shaped “Go to folder” button.

If the player select “Snapshots” check on, it creates a “Latest snapshot” profile automatically.

The player can also manually set a logging configuration

The player can also duplicate a profile too by clicking the stacked 3 dots button while hovering a profile option.

Skins & Skins library

minecraft java 1.16

Players can change or add their custom skin through Minecraft launcher. To change or add their skin, the player must click the “Skins” button, then click the “Browse” button to navigate through their file system to find the owned skin file.

This file must have a proportion of 64×64 to work properly. In order for the launcher to accept it as a skin file. In addition, the skin file must be in a .png format.

Once players have found the skin file, they must click the “Save” button to confirm their in-game skin.

A cool feature about this is that the player can reset their skin to the Steve or Alex defaults by clicking “Click to reset”.

The player can also choose between player models, either Classic (Steve) or Slim (Alex) depending on which one you like the most.

Download Minecraft Launcher 1.17.1/1.16.5

Download now the file needed for installing Minecraft 1.16.4, if you still have any questions about downloading or installing the Mod, write a comment below reporting your problem.

download minecraft 1.17.1/1.16.5


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