Minecraft Forge 1.17.1/1.16.5 – Download & Installation Guide

Minecraft Forge 1.17.1/1.16.5 is a freeloader and open source modding API,  developed to make simple the compatibility between immense majority of mods created by the community in the Java edition of Minecraft.

Players must have both, the version of Forge and the same version of Minecraft before installing this mod.

minecraft forge 1.16.1

By example, Forge 1.16 will need the 1.16 version of Minecraft to run properly. After doing that, the forge you can use it from the Minecraft Launcher.

Forge Compatibility

Minecraft Forge is compatible with Java edition. A lot of actual mods use the Forge system in order to be included in Vanilla Minecraft.

You can find a list of supported mods by Forge in its official website.

Forge Minecraft processes mods a way different than Modloader. Forge mods only run properly with Forge, some mods can work properly with both.

Users should check if forge is compatible with other mods that they want to use.

Finding the Minecraft mods folder

In case you are using Windows

  1. If you are using windows you can find the mods folder in the directory .minecraft\
  2. This folder generates after Forge is run for the first time.
  3. To reach this directory just type %Appdata% and open .minecraft into the search box or you can use the shortcut Windows key + R.

 If you are using MacOS

  1. On MacOS system you can find the folder that contains the mod in the directory ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft.
  2. This folder is generated after Forge has run for the first time.
  3. To find this directory, press Command key + Shift key + G while you are selecting the finder window and enter ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft.

Say Goodbye to Minecraft Crashs with Forge

This is an API which makes sure that all your mods work together.

One of the most frustrating things for Minecraft players is that moment when you want to use multiple mods but they crash or all mods together are bound to have issues  with compatibility.

This is something annoying to deal with and you have to make a decision like: ‘Hey, which mod do I want to get rid of? Because I can’t have them all’.

The most common trouble with mods is that These mods will edit the Minecraft base files and when you have mods doing that they conflict and crash.

So, two mods that modify the same file and you install them both, they conflict and cause you to crash..

Now, in case that you are a modder and you develop add-ons for the usage of Minecraft community.  You can see that Forge 1.16 has some documentation on its official website.

This documentation begins from zero to the most advanced modding skills. They also teach you to debug your mods, structure them and even organize them into packet files and much more.

Minecraft Forge Thoughts

Since its release, Minecraft forge has helped a lot of users to experience many  nice adventures using different mods together without any crash or issue. This is completely wholesome because even inexperienced players can familiarize with this App.

Easy to install, easy to  use with an intuitive interface Forge brings us the necessary tools to change your minecraft world to the maximum and open a new world of opportunities and adventures.

One of the best things about this mod is the fact that is open-source so anyone with modding experience can handle it without problems. The Minecraft community has based a lot of mods on Minecraft forge coding.

The Minecraft community is always growing up and new mods are coming out all the time so with Minecraft Forge we won’t have to worry about crashings between mods. The Forge library will be our best friend.

If you are looking to mod your Minecraft game  this will be an essential for you.

How to Install Minecraft Forge 1.16.4

To install the Forge 1.16 in the new Nether Update is really simple, just follow the tutorial below carefully.

  1. Go to the Forge Download (link below).
  2. Find the best build for your version of Minecraft launcher. You can see download links next to the Minecraft version and build. Select and download the ‘Installer’.
  3. Once it is finished with the download, open your downloads location, next, double click on the respective jar file.
  4. A window box displaying “Mod System Installer” will appear after that. Keep selected the “Install Client” box.
  5. Select the option that displays “Install” and wait for it to finish.
  6. Open the Minecraft Launcher and select the profile called “Forge” .

“Installation Complete; You are now ready to play with thousands of Minecraft Mods at once.”

Download Forge for Minecraft 1.16.4

Download now the file needed for installing Forge on Minecraft, if you still have any questions about downloading or installing the Mod, write a comment below reporting your problem.

download minecraft forge 1.16.4


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