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To summarize: this mod allows you to transmute tons of materials into other materials (see recipe spoiler sections below) – it also adds many ability items to the game, a new set of tools and armor (in the Dark Matter section), item repair, a few useful blocks, and some special fuel. To see in more detail, check out the individual sections. You’ll get the idea, hopefully.

For installation help, there’s a readme included in the .rar file for the mod.

Note that this mod uses a properties file, located in your .minecraft directory, to store blockIDs. If you’re having block and item conflicts.. look here first!

Newest Versions:
Equivalent Exchange v2.08b for 1.7.3
Outdated Version for anyone still using 1.6.6 for some reason:
Equivalent Exchange v1.26 for 1.6.6

Various bugfixes throughout, several a/b releases signifying I screwed stuff up.
2.08a – fixes the dirt+seeds=grass recipe to require the Philosopher’s Stone. It also adds a cobblestone -> iron ore recipe to remove a step from the diamond process. 2.08b – Exploity recipe removed.
2.08 – Rending Gale bugs/control system reworked a bit, particles restored to the Mod Explosives, also fixed bugs concerning wood, sapling, wool and lapis ore block drops with explosives. I believe I have fixed a bug causing shift-click to crash the game when trying to move stacks of aggregator product to your inventory using shift-click. Also added new ability sounds, Fudgy’s activation sprites for the active-items, and tweaked a few mechanical issues. 1.6.6 is no longer being maintained. It’s time to update!
2.07/1.25-1.26 – Reworked the Rending Gale controls: to fly up, hold space, to land quicly, hold shift – to go fast, any direction except backwards. Rate of descent set to ALMOST zero. Lagless explosives added for Hyperkinetic Lens and Nova Catalyst (it’s beautiful), tons of bugfixes (lava immunity for ignition ring/volcanite fixed, fall damage bug fixed), Harvest Ring given a MASSIVE upgrade, some Dark Matter Pickaxe bugs with ineffective block-breaking fixed, Obsidian Aggregator block Ids cut in half (4 to 2), TileEntities in 1.7.x finally fixed.. all I have left to do is projectiles.
2.06/1.24 – Mostly a massive amount of 2.06 bugfixes, which didn’t work, revolving around 1.7.x Blocks/TileEntities and a new problem with projectiles. More tweaks than I could begin to count.. A few new recipes, but no new content. Just a lot of adjusting. 2.05/1.23 – fixed Pyrokinesis (ignition ring) having a messed up impact spread, and also added another speed recipe.
1.20-1.22 & 2.0-2.04 – The Harvest Goddess Band, SwiftWolf’s Rending Gale (ring of flight) and improved Lava-Walking mobility were added, as well as Water, Lava, and Philosopher’s Essences, allowing players to use stackable transmutation items with BuildCraft. All subsequent recipes using the Philosopher’s Stone, Evertide/Water Buckets, Volcanite/Lava Buckets in this mod have been duplicated to use these “Essence” items as an alternative, for BuildCraft’s autocrafting feature. The Obsidian Aggregator has had it’s slots reworked. I don’t know if this will fix BuildCraft pipe placement, but it was worth a shot. Lava-Walking no longer persistently sets you on fire for being “close to lava”. Several speed recipes added.
1.19 – Alchemy Chests and Obsidian Aggregator, Lens fixed, Walls upgraded, Water & Lava Walking, several recipe changes/tweaks.
1.18 – Reversal recipes added, Explosives more effective vs. stone-type blocks, new mob/slime recipes, walls can use sandstone
1.17 – Ignition Ring, Nova Catalyst and Hyperkinetic Lens are all given a boost. Aggregator balanced/nerfed.
1.16 – Made the mod come in a modloader.zip for easy installs. Fixed many bugs, new and old. Several nerfs.
1.15 – In forum downtime I added 7 new ability items.
1.14 – Repair nerfed/changed one last time. Walls upgraded to do ceiling/floors as well as their original walls.
1.13b – Out of material message removed, walls able to use a few more types of material.
1.13a- Wall inventory bug fixed.
1.13 – Furnace bugs fixed, functions made smarter. Walls ability changed to hopefully be more useful for building.
1.12a – Destruction Catalyst was able to break bedrock. This has been fixed. New formless recipe for Nova Catalysts.
1.12 – Destruction Catalyst: ability to break 3×3 panels, consuming 1 gunpowder per use.
1.11 – Dark Matter Armor: Unbreakable 96% damage resistance armor. Almost perfect.
– – – Nova Catalyst: A 6-block radius explosive that will not damage entities.
1.10 – Dark Matter Furnace with 9x the smelting/holding capacity! And it loads/unloads automatically.
1.09 – Reusable healing items that consume redstone and glowstone and never break.
1.08 – Philosopher’s Stone also right-clicks a block to raise a 3×3 wall.
1.07 – Unbreakable dark matter tools.
1.06 – Covalence dust, used to repair tools and armor.
v1+ – Philosopher’s Stone that transmutes materials into other materials – the stone never gets used up.

Commonly asked question, because you didn’t read the change log, I’m going to answer it here, in really really big letters:
Philosopher’s Stone transmutes materials into other materials – the stone never gets used up.

Another commonly asked question:
This mod is SSP (Survival Single Player) only! (for now)

Recipe captions start at the top left and go right, then down. If it doesn’t need a caption, it doesn’t have one.

Mod items of alchemical power:

Material recipes, fairly self explanatory – the blueish obsidian block that glass turns into is “Igneous”. It’s a fragile go-between for glass and obsidian, to seperate it from the higher tier materials in the exchange process:

Fuel, the Nova Catalyst, and the Aggregator:

Plant and miscellaneous recipes:

Dark matter and subsequent recipes:

BuildCraft “Essences”, allowing you to use almost all above recipes in BuildCraft’s auto table

Item repair and covalence dust:

Mob items, what more could you need?:

-=-Risugami, for your modloader, for your irc channel, and all your help with both.
-=-303, for homing arrows and BaseProjectile. You’re made of win.
-=-TheThirdMike, author of Garages, for his props file.
-=-iChun – I used the portal gun projectile for EntityPyrokinesis. Codewise, they’re.. suspiciously similar. XD
-=-Alblaka – ITNT was the model for Nova Catalyst, and I also use his “sun” image from solar collectors in my Aggregator.
-=-Nandonalt for teaching me that recipes will accept an itemstack with a “-1” durability.
-=-SmallDeadGuy (xSmallDeadGuyx) for Diamond Furnace, which I used as a model for mine.
-=-Corosus for pointing out that ItemBucket.class contains a wealth of information on player heading.
-=-TehMorgeh for his “Earth Wand”, which I tore apart to make wall manipulation functions.
-=grimarchangel gets a special thanks for his item ideas, various pending ideas and also for taking the time and preparation to make videos for this mod.
-=Fudgy Fetus gets a special thanks for the activation sprites, representing the rings which require activations. This makes the items much more transparent in their usage.
-=-mDiyo, aymanar, zHESSTY, EternalDensity, HumdrumInsanity and other fans who have helped me balance and tweak my designs.
-=-genshou, for not calling my idea teh suck, when I was just starting.
And as importantly, thanks to all who download the mod, suggest new content, vote on polls, read my ramblings, and show their appreciation! I wouldn’t be making anything public if it weren’t for the lot of you.

If you would like to link my mod, or support it with your own Equivalent Exchange banner (made by a good friend of mine, Drew, check out his Dev Art page for some nice graphical eye candy) you can add this code snippet to your sig. If you don’t want to link the mod (or you have two links already) just take the IMG tags and leave the URL stuff out. I won’t mind.

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